Cranium – familieudgave

Cranium Family Fun features a variety of hilarious activities that will have everyone laughing, high-fiving, and working and playing together! With colorful Cranium Cubes and fun Flipper Frogs, The Family Fun Game delivers the ultimate family game nigh

Hard to Get

The Witness knows the right word. The Detectives are on the case. In Hard to Get, players must work together to find the right word, which only the Witness knows. The Detectives have few clues to go on – 5 dilemmas the Witness has to go through. Is Pancake more Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise? Is a Cactus Sweet or Sour? Hard to Get is an entertaining party game that will definitely spark lively discussions around the table

The Chameleon

A bluffing deduction game for everyone. Each round involves two missions, depending on whether you’re the Chameleon or not. Mission 1: You are the Chameleon. No one knows your identity except you. Your mission is to blend in, not get caught and to work out the Secret Word. Mission 2: You are not the Chameleon. Try to work out who the Chameleon is without giving away the Secret Word.